My name is Oduwa Aganmwonyi (pronounced, AGAN-WON-YEE). I am running for Brooklyn Park city council in the east district and I ask for your vote.  I am a regular, hard-working, next-door neighbor with a sense of duty to serve. Secondly, I love Brooklyn Park and I care deeply, about the well-being of the people and the community.  I live in the Norwood neighborhood with my wife of more than twenty-five years and children. I am a friend of the earth and I will fight to protect and maintain it for our lives, and for the future generations. I love the arts, an average gardener, bicycle enthusiast, and I enjoy gospel, jazz, blues, and reggae music. 



I am a mental health services provider. In this capacity, every decision I make is based on what is best for the client, and how best to improve the life of the individual. That is exactly what I hope to bring to the Brooklyn Park city council. First, what is important to the people and how it will help to improve their lives. It must be the people first. No compromise!  I am a great listener and an excellent collaborator; I enjoy working with people and I have great passion for tackling tough problems with creative solutions.


I support small businesses and I stand for accountability and physical responsibility to make sure the council streamline cost or expenditure to what matters to you, the taxpayers. My main goal is, to create an inclusive and thriving community where people are safe, healthy and opportunities exist for all regardless of age or background. I have a proven record of engaging and bringing stakeholders together for creative solutions for the benefit of the people.  

Oduwa Aganmwonyi

for City Council 2020
Passion - Experience - Leadership

 Build a better city for a better tomorrow