I am an Active citizen in my community

I serve on the Brooklyn Park Multicultural Advisory Commission (MAC).


Current board member CAPI USA -an organization that helps immigrants begin their journeys towards self-determination and social equity.


Former member of the BP Community Long Range Improvement Commission (CLIC)

Osseo School District: District Planning Advisory Council (DPAC) and several other committees.

Former member and co-chair of the Hennepin County Mental Health Advisory Board.

Why I am running for Brooklyn Park City Council 

 Thanks to Brooklyn Park 2025! 

  1. Promote a solid, inclusive, and welcoming community strengthened by our diversity. I will,

    1. Create an environment in which residents of every age contribute meaningfully to the community

    2. Have places and spaces for diverse communities to meet and network.

    3. Activities and events are accessible, inclusive, and multi-cultural 

    4. The community provides necessary support and services for community members to overcome life challenges: hunger, homelessness, mental illness, etc.


  1. Help make Brooklyn Park a unique destination empowered by quality infrastructure. I will, 

    1. Work for our city to provide modern transportation options (drive, ride, walk, bike). 

    2. Commit to the completion of light rail and to converting the accident-prone dangerous Hwy 252 into a freeway.

    3. Champion quality, affordable, and well-maintained housing for all ages and income level across the city.

    4. Fight for quality recreation and park amenities that motivate and inspire activity for all ages and interests.

    5. Work to Show case our city’s rich diversity through our local music, arts, food, entertainment, and other cultural demonstrations.


  1. Strong and Inclusive Economic environment that support businesses and empowers people to thrive. I will,  

    1. Work with local businesses and union apprentice programs to ensure residents of all ages and backgrounds have access to financial stability.

    2. Make sure our city is a leader in environmental sustainability that benefits our economy and community.

    3. Work for an environment in which our business community inspires private investment and job growth.     

    4. Ensure residents have access to all necessary trainings and support needed to acquire and maintain living wage job.

    5. Create public/private partnerships that guarantee our high school students graduate with a pathway to college or career.


  1. Ensure people of all ages have access to what they need to feel safe and healthy. I will, 

    1. Commit to ensuring our neighborhoods are safe and empowered by strengthening positive police relationships.

    2. Work to create a city that engage the youth with quality life changing experiences through mentorship and internship programs.   

    3. Work for seniors to have services and amenities to thrive and age in place with dignity.

    4. Work to ensure everyone have access to affordable and quality healthy food outlets and quality medical and medical care.